Henry Schein Credit Card Processing

Save money on your credit and debit card processing with the Henry Schein Credit Card Processing program through Worldpay.  Through our Complimentary Rate Analysis, Henry Schein Financial Services can help you understand your current rate and overall costs and show you how to save on your credit card processing expense.

You get EMV/Chip-enabled terminals and credit card processing through Henry Schein Financial Services and Worldpay, the North American leader in EMV. Businesses can be held liable for certain fraudulent transactions if they cannot process chip-enabled cards. While the incidence of fraud in the healthcare industry is relatively low, nevertheless, chip card helps reduce overall fraud.


  • EMV/Chip-enabled terminals
  • Exclusive savings
  • No application or set-up fees
  • Low-cost equipment purchase or rental
  • Process all transaction types
Credit Card Processing Complimentary Rate Analysis for your Credit Card Processing Worldpay from FIS

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