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How to start a dental practice

Your Dental Practice Journey Starts Here

From starting your own practice, including a new practice build or financing commercial real estate, Henry Schein Financial Services can help you access the financial resources you need.

Starting a new dental practice is both exciting and rewarding, but knowing where to begin – as well as finding the right partners – can be challenging. That is why many dentists rely on Henry Schein not only for access to the best financial resources but also for the industry expertise they need when thinking about starting their own dental office.

Henry Schein Financial Services is dedicated to providing financial and business solutions built around the needs of dental professionals, so dental practitioners and practice owners can run and operate a more successful practice.

Bring your practice vision to life, with a partner who is an expert in the dental industry

With years of industry expertise, and a team specifically focused on the needs of dental practice owners, Henry Schein Financial Services is the partner you can rely on for your practice needs.

Henry Schein is proud to partner with new and experienced dentists alike. We will partner with you and help provide a customized strategy that fits your practice vision. We will not only help you acquire the financial tools needed to achieve your practice and business goals but also provide valuable dental industry experience along the way.

Develop your dental business plan, and refine as you go with our professionally-designed template

Henry Schein Financial Services is a leader and valuable partner when starting or expanding your dental practice. We have developed a complimentary business plan template for you to use for your practice needs.

A business plan is the foundation of your dental practice. It can help you make decisions for everything in your practice, from your front office, operation, waiting room, patient care & treatment options, location decisions, and align with your long-term goals like practice expansion.

Commercial Dental Real Estate

What can a Business Plan from Henry Schein Financial Services help provide?

An outline for each step in the practice journey, and a partner along the way

From practice vision and planning, developing and operating plan and creating a floor plan, navigating the construction process, implementation all the way to ground and grand opening.

A robust practice timeline to guide you

To assist new practice owners, and put them at ease in the sometimes stressful planning stage, we include an estimated practice timeline that includes each step in the process and its potential duration, to help map out what is needed when bringing your practice vision to life.

A plan for your practice today, and an outline to grow

A good business plan can help you start and then grow while you operate your business. It can help guide you through each stage of managing your practice and can serve as a roadmap for how to structure, run, and expand your business. A business plan can help you get the right funding you need, and help provide potential investors the confidence to invest.

A means to surround yourself with the right team, right at the start

We are dental financing experts with years of dental industry expertise and a track record of helping dentists and practice owners achieve their practice goals and business success.

The future of your practice starts with a business plan

A complimentary dental practice business plan is designed by industry professionals, ready and at your fingertips. Click the button below, to get connected with one of our representatives for your complimentary dental business plan template. Our Business Plan includes:

  • Dental practice timeline, process & considerations
  • Defining your target market
  • What financial information you will need
  • Hiring, staffing & practice operations
  • Marketing and practice promotions
  • Financial projections
  • and more
Dental Practice Business plan for new business start up

Henry Schein Dental Contact

We’re here to support your dental practice vision and its success

While you are an expert in practicing dentistry, not all practice owners are expert business owners – that’s where we come in. We are dental financing experts. Put our years of dental industry expertise to work for your practice.

Let Henry Schein Financial Services be your practice partner and help you navigate your practice start-up. We can connect you with our preferred network of lenders, including industry-leading dental loans, and help you avoid obstacles early, providing you with even more confidence in your practice decisions.

Build a dental practice on your terms

From developing your practice vision to grand opening and practice growth – Henry Schein Financial Services is here to partner with your practice.

Your Practice Vision – from ideation to implemntation

Establish your practice, build your practice culture

Aligned for Your Practice Growth & Success

Need help connecting with the right experts and business leaders in your area?

With our unique network of business partners, Henry Schein Financial Services can help get you connected with local industry professionals you may need for your dental practice start-up. Surrounding yourself with the right team can not only help you understand the practice start-up process better but also provide you with provides key information, including what to pursue and what to avoid.

We can help provide insights including:

  • Understanding your target market
  • Designing your practice floorplan & layout
  • Selecting practice location (leasing vs owning)
  • Hiring, staffing & practice Operations
  • and more
Dental recruitment and placement services

A partnership starting today, and beyond

Henry Schein Financial Services is here with you every step of the way for your practice needs, from when you envision your practice and groundbreaking, to hiring your first associates, to practice acquisition and eventually transition planning, and all the equipment financing and practice expansion that comes in-between.

Henry Schein is a practice partner, across the multiple stages of your practice, that is focused on you and your practice success.

Have a question or looking for something else?

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About Henry Schein Financial Services

Henry Schein Financial Services is here to support the needs of new and existing dentists, and dental practice owners.

Our Mission

At Henry Schein Financial Services, we understand the challenges dentists face when making business decisions and obtaining financial resources for their practice. We will partner with your practice to provide a customized strategy to help you acquire the financial tools needed to achieve your practice and business goals.

Products & Services

Henry Schein Financial Services is proud to offer dentists and dental professionals the financial tools and resources needed to operate a successful dental practice.

We offer:

  • Equipment Financing & Leasing
  • Technology Financing & Leasing
  • Working Capital Loans
  • New Practice Start-Ups
  • Project & Practice Financing
  • Debt Refianncing & Consolidation
  • Commercial Real Estate Loans
  • Business Credit Card for Dentists
  • Credit Card & Merchant Processing
  • Patient Payment Solutions
  • Dental Practice Articles & Insights
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Our team of dedicated dental financial specialists will partner with your practice and create a customized strategy for your specific need that aligns with your business goals. Put our years of dental industry expertise, specialized network of lenders, and customized business solutions to work for your practice. 

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