Key Benefits of a Dental Business Credit Card for Practice Purchases

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Improving your cash flow and managing your business expenses are two extremely important aspects of running your practice.  One way to succeed in both areas is by using a dedicated Business Credit Card for expenditures.  If you are also looking to increase your current credit limit for more purchasing power, you’ll also find using a Business Credit Card very beneficial.

Take a look at 3 key benefits of using the right business credit card for dental small business owners.

Separating personal and business expenses

When it comes to balancing your books, tracking expenses from various credit cards, checks, and cash purchases can be very frustrating and time-consuming.  Using a Business Credit Card for all of your dental practice’s purchases is the easiest way to keep personal and business expenses separate.  When you create an online account for your Business Credit Card, you can also see more robust reporting than you would with a consumer credit card.  This often includes a more detailed breakdown of expense categories such as meals, office supplies, travel, etc.

Cards for staff and robust reporting

Are you looking to have an additional card printed for your Office Manager or Front Desk staff?  And want the ability to track their specific purchases?  Business Credit Cards often allow you the opportunity to have multiple cards printed for your employees that all tie back to your overall credit limit and ongoing balance.  You may find it’s more convenient for your front-office staff to have access to their own card, while you carry a card of your own in your wallet.  You can request specific credit limits on each additional card you have printed, so you can be in full control of how much your staff can spend on your Business Card.  When you log-in to your online account, you will then be able to monitor and track all spending activity for every employee with access to a credit card. 

More rewards, benefits, and exclusive offers

Business Credit Cards can often feature a special benefit such as higher cash-back or rewards percentage than the average consumer credit cards, as well as offer additional benefits specific to certain industries or purchases.

For dentists, a dental business credit card could allow you to earn cash back on items your office is already purchasing, such as dental supplies, PPE, and more. Some cards may also come with limited-time promotions for new cardholders such as a statement credit or introductory APRs.  When you’re looking to make a large purchase for your practice, you may want to consider the cash back you could earn in addition to possibly making zero-to-low interest rate payments over a period of time? 

Many Business Credit Cards will also have additional exclusive offers to save on popular products and services, such as discounts on services including tax or business software, purchase protection, additional warranty periods, and more.

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