Student Loan Refinancing

Save money by refinancing and consolidating your student loans.

Refinance or consolidate your dental school student loans at some of the lowest rates in the country through Henry Schein Financial Services’ relationship with Laurel Road. *Check out current rates from Laurel Road

Loan Features

  • No application fees. No prepayment fees. No origination fees
  • Fully dischargeable in case of death or permanent disability
  • 100% of both Private and Federal loans eligible from both undergraduate programs and dental school
  • No maximum limit on the amount refinanced ($5,000 minimum)

This is just another way you can count on Henry Schein Financial Services to help you succeed.

Student Loan Refinancing
refinancing and consolidating your student loansLaurel Road loans

*Assumes a 0.25% discount for making automated payments from any checking account.

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